Post processing

Hello! In this short post I would like to talk a bit about post-processing and the difference it makes. So to start of I would like to say a few words about what the vision was for how the game would look. The vision we hade for the looks of the games where a dark […]

Easy level making

Hi! In todays blogpost I would like to talk about how we made our levels in A Rat Betwixt. The levels are designed around the game being square-grid based and around the overlooking camera angle. The first step to creating  a room for the level is whiteboxing an idea in the engine. The one I […]

Fixing the silhouette of a troll

Hi! In this blogpost I would like to talk about the reiteration of the troll mesh for our game. The troll of our game is a bigger enemy type, both in its appearence and as a threat. It’s inspiration and lore is that this old troll who resides in the bunker is an old John […]

The evolution of a particle effect

Hello! Today I am going to talk about my work on a particle effect in unity and how it developed through its making. This is going to be a shorter blog post but it will still cover everything that needs to be said about this particle system and how to develop them. So buckle your […]

The making of some fanatic

Hello! This segment is going to be about the design process of 1 character for our game A Rat Betwixt. So to start from the beginning I will explain this character, the world it lives in, and the ideas behind it and then tell you where we went from there. But to understand the Dyrkare […]

Theme Park

Oh wow, I am saying it again, ooooohh wooow. What a week! It has been the first week for theme park, a course where I and my team will make an arcade game with an unusual input (that means we can’t use keyboard and mouse or a any handheld game controller). So me and my […]